So, I finished the one about the Dance shoes, and am now starting the THeater shoes one. I’m punting work of course, but a person can only work so much before they get burned out. The story is set during WWII, and how these kids in England have to live with rations and waiting for their dad to come home. It has some poignant moments. But, still a good story. Lots of growing up lessons and ideas about how children observe the world.

I had finished this one, by Noel Streatfield, a classic. It was quite good, considering it is a kids book. I learned a lot about the culture of England at that time, I think it was the 1930s. Anyway, the story was quite charming, and I’m planning on reading it to some younguns someday.

I ended up finishing the Tawny Man Series, book I, Fools Errand, and it was AWESOME. I can only wait for the second book to come out in hardcover.