The fool is back. The latest Golden Fool book was awesome! There was a lot of intrigue to do with Fitz and the fool, and a lot of tension between everyone. As with most  2nd books, the plot is not quite harmonious because it is leading up to the last book. The complex motivations in Fitz’s relationships are quite deep, and Hobb makes the hero sound even more daring although the world seems to against him. Also, the continuation of the betrothal of the Prince to the Outlanders and their strange ways are interesting. It was good to read observations about how cultures perceive each other, and also the magic involved in something like the Narcheska’s and Fool’s markings. Anyway, I enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down after a certain point. Bravo! can’t wait till the next book.

Wrapping up after the trilogy, I got Lyra’s Oxford from *Jim* for Xmas.
It was a very pleasant read and gave us just a hint that things were
fine in the aftermath. I enjoyed the pullout map, and I think kids will
really enjoy this short story.  Probably only good after you’ve
read the Dark Matters trilogy, but a nice story because it reminds you
of familiar and interesting characters.

There’s no need to say it, but this book was AWESOME. It pulls the
threads from the first two books together so nicely and completely —
it was so satisfying to finish the tale of the Dark Matters. I won’t
spoil the ending, but the writing style and the plot is elegantly
unwrapped for the reader in a delectable way. Couldn’t put it down! The whole series was awesome!

Even more mesmerizing is the idea of the Subtle Knife. The new
protagonist, a young man called Will, and the mysteries surrounding his
father’s disappearance make for a great story. Add in elements of the
old intrigue around Dust, and you have a book I just couldn’t put down.
I read it on the way to Miami and it made the trip a breeze. It’s a
children’s book, but more intoxicating and exciting than some adult
fantasy books I’ve read. Highly Recommended!!!!

This was a great story, even better than Harry Potter. 🙂 I stole this book from *Jim* and loved it. Lyra is an inquisitive, mischievious girl and her world is full of childish intrigues and mystery.  The *sciency* stuff was believable and her tale was very enchanting.

For Xmas, one of the books I got from *Jim* was Count Karlstein. It was delightfully funny and a good read because it had all the elements of a cool story.  Also good as a children’s bedtime story… scary but slaptstick. Blissful!