Currently reading why Japan’s cellphone service is so much better. Takeshi Natsuno and Mari Matsunaga actually thought about why users would want a cellphone and what they would do with it. Imagine that! No wonder why the experience of using technology and living in Japan is much more enjoyable. They’ve really thought about how to make users enjoy the experience of shopping, traveling, reading, and communicating.

Just finished reading the DragonBone Chair, by Tad Williams. I found it okay, but I really didn’t like the main character very much. I thought the plot was not organized very well and there were too many people that knew too little. Another problem was that the cool people died first, and the ones left were too dumb for me to find interesting.  I also wish that he had told the story from Binabik’s point of view or someone more interesting than the clueless, frustratingly simple lad called Simon. This book does not hold a candle to Robin Hobb’s assassins series, or Phillip Pullman’s Dark Matters series. </P

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The Dragonbone Chair, by Tad Williams