Luckily for me, my Kraftwerk CDs arrived and we’ve been bopping to Autobahn and Pocket Calculator ever since. “Fun fun fun, auto bahn…” 7 smileys for Kraftwerk!

having finished “a clash of kings” I found that we had the next one laying around.  Unfortunately, the story seems never ending and no one is ever happy in this book. The bad guys keep getting more annoying. There are also too many people narrating, to make the story even more disjointed.

I find that many of the characters are totally boring and do nothing interesting (eg. Catelyn or Sansa). Also, Martin tends to introduce characters who are interesting and then they disappear (die or just go away), like Jaqen or Syrio the water dancer.  Finally, the maps suck, are not placed in obvious places or aren’t included. I might not feel like finishing this book;… unfortunately.