Just started watching LOTR after we went to the MOS exhibit. I like the story A whole LOT! And the hobbits are the CUTEST!  I love seeing Arwen’s riding costume in the film, and knowing that I got to see the details up close. All the details are definitely worth a fourth, or is it fifth?, look!

After we finished with Saints, we watched Amelie. Ah, romance and france. Whoo hoo! All the characters were wonderful, and the plot is tres charming!

So, we’ve been watching old DVDs recently. I just want to say that the guys in BoonDock Saints are totally awesome.  “I can’t believe that just f*ckin happened”, says one of them after a freak accident. My favorite line is their prayer, which I call, the “Patric O’Feely”, because it sounds like that. I’m sure its something in Latin…

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Harvest Moon 
Nintendo gamecube

Is the most addictive game. I’m in Day 5 of Fall 1 right now, and I’ve got 2 cows, 3 chicks and 1 dog. I’ve planted my first apple tree and am expecting my sweet potatoes to flower soon. It’s definitely a wonderful life!  I think Nami’s the one for me, too. XXOXXO  The farm of Hangtou is doing quite well… but I’m still in the red. I’m sure I’ll get the knack of fishing and also win Nami’s heart sometime before the year is over.  I haven’t played Animal Xing in days….

Just finished reading Irving’s Hotel New Hampshire on the plane from HongKong.  All in all, it was a good story, although  I felt it was a bit long– just perfect for a plane ride. The characters were very interesting, and the story of a large family that was weird to outsiders but not to themselves is charming, and full of drama and humor. Having a large family certain does give people a humorous insight on life.