Just finished Lady of the Sorrows. It was pretty good. You get to the point where you cannot put it down. I really enjoyed the romance bits! Now Thorn is reminiscent of the perfect hero, a mix of opposites. He is sharp of wit, but soft to his lady, he is funny but also serious. He has wicked skills in woodcraft. And the lady, herself, is brave beyond belief. Her wit and imagination are quite boundless, and I am sooooo thrilled she has found romance, after all those long hard times as a peasant and what-not.  Quite the romance. I am just thrilled it is such a terrific romance. Lots of undercurrents about class, status, and political manuevering– quite interesting. I liked the intrigue, and also the stories of the Faeran. The fairytales are definitely a boon– the author sure did her research. I’m learning quite a bit, so hopefully, I will be prepared if I ever need to commerce with eldritch wights. Iron, Salt, Bread– be warned! This is a must read fantasy book!


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