I recently finished this huge tome that Jim got for Xmas. It was long,
and it was very good. I loved reading the about the exploits of Tiaan
and her friends. The intrigues surrounding their loyalties was
interesting, but I didn’t really understand what the motives for some
of the people were. Still, I think that the telling of the story was
quite fascinating, and the things that happened— w hoa, really kept
me reading. I couldn’t sleep for wanting to know what happens next.
I’ve decided to hold off on reading the next one “Alchemyst”, because
its too time consuming.. and I get NO work done. The books are THAT
good! I haven’t found an author this addictive since Robin Hobb…
although I admit I like Robin Hobb’s characters better, and I think
they are cleverer and better heroines. Also, some of the experiments in
this series are a bit weird (flesh forming, etc), and I guess its not
written for young kids. Anyway, a good solid read, and I definitely
intend to finish the series sometime this year.


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  1. I saw that you are in one of the Sifl and Olly blogrings. I have copies of Sifl and Olly dvds; Seasons 1,2, unaired third season, and the Top 9 Video Countdown. The DVD’s are region free. Respond if you are interested.

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