Chimaera by Ian Irvine — bleah!

    I finished this before Spring Break, but I have to say, I was really disappointed. The story was okay, but in the end, I just  couldn’t sustain the level of interest. The level of suspense became weary at the end, and then the ending is also the same NON resolution that the other books had. I expected the conclusion to be good, but it was a letdown. I didn’t like the way it ended, and I think that there was no real denoument in the story. The heroes were left hanging in a way that was unsatisfactory. I think that the story was good at building suspense, but I have to say, there was no path or progress of the storyline, and no resolution (good or bad– although things looked worse at the end than before).
I don’t believe I will read any more Ian Irvine. I am not even curious about the prequel The Well of Echoes Series because it sounded like that was also a large, long series of disappointing mishaps.
Finally, the end (starting with Alchymist, book 3) started to get a bit too graphic and disturbingly gruesome for no
reason, and I felt that I didn’t want to think about such things. All
in all, I think I will go back and say I wouldn’t recommend this author
or his series. I was so mad that I had wasted good time reading this… there are much much better stories out there. Maybe this book just wasn’t for me. WTF, Ian Irvine, WTF???


2 thoughts on “Chimaera by Ian Irvine — bleah!

  1. Similar feelings here also. Id read the View from the Mirror quartet and really loved it! The story, the ending, but the characters and their development the most. I really felt connected to them. In this Well of Echoes series the characters, though at times I felt connected, didnt really strike a note with me, but most disappointing was the ending!? I wouldnt really call it an ending anyway. Though the story was meant to finish, we werent told where the main characters of the book were heading (in contrast to the Mirror quartet), it wasnt very satisfying at all – just a cliffhanger sort of situation for his next trilogy, the Song of Tears. AARRRGGHHHH. Why oh why didnt it live up to its predecessor quartet? If only the conclusion wrapped the missing segments up, it would have neatly completed this mammoth jigsaw, but it was not meant to be.. 

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