Just finished reading Morgan’s Run. Although the main character was a little distant and emotionally strange, I found the story pretty interesting. I enjoyed learning about what kind of hardships there were in a new colony, and there were a lot of things about modern society I appreciated. Also, I liked the descriptions of how the populace were generally acting as a result of the conditions that they had to deal with. The interesting thing was that good, fair, smart people can definitely change a situation and make it better. It takes very good leaders to be able to give their subordinates a charge, reward good behavior and punish bad. Most of the time, leaders are unable to reward good behavior, and do not punish bad behavior. Thus, people who do not contribute to their society can skate by. This happens more often in large groups, because the people at the top are too far away to recieve good information about the real situation that exists. THis was a very good read