At the threshold of the visible: miniscule and small-scale art

Just finished this book on the small scale artwork in this book. It was interesting to see what people presented as art, and why they presented small works. Small works are both witty, and understated in their ability to put our human scale into context. By considering small works, we can appreciate both small worlds (micro worlds) and our own large context. It was a good read.

For my general exams, I am reading Design By Numbers. It is a very leisurely read through programming examples, considered visually. Reminds me a lot of my high school math classes, and how we would play those games on visualizing the output by just looking at the equation. I am enjoying the logistical exercise of reading the examples and playing the computer in my head.  Of course, once in a while I’ll use the dbn interface and type something, but the author’s musings are what really make the book interesting. Its like having a programming guru tell you their insights in small snippets that you can digest and think about. 🙂 Highly enjoyable.