Moholy Nagy was the inspiration for Paul Rand. I had read a lot of Paul Rand, and his ability to articulate what the elements of visual expression are and how they can be used for effective composition was very interesting. I stumbled upon Moholy Nagy and thought it would be similar. Unlike the Rand’s, these books are meaty in the philosophy of why humans should design, what the problem with design and technology is, and why bauhaus makes sense. Nagy also discusses the balance of work with leisure, and how our culture should seek to enhance our own understanding in order to seek meaning in our lives, and balance our creative expression with our ability to solve problems. He breaks down how students of the Chicago institute of design can learn how to design and think on a satisfying journey to satisfy their inner spirit. This is a life changing book. I recommend you read it.

Paul Rand

I read “From Lascaux to Brooklyn” recently, and enjoyed the simple but elegant prose of Paul Rand. He explains the elements of visual composition and uses some examples of his own work to illustrate his philosophy of what design is about. Some key things I learned are: message, engagement, symbolism, abstraction, realism, graphic elements, tension, meaning