Renegade’s Magic

wanted to write my impressions of my latest read. I thought renegade’s magic was a bit on the boring side. The hero was very frustrating, and not much happens because he is in limbo for most of the book. The exoticness of the magical part is not a strong point in this part of the trilogy, and I got tired of the eating of magic mushrooms. Nothing much happens, as the battle seems mostly internal. The character isn’t active enough to be interesting and it took me a lot longer to read because I put it down out of tiredness. I was writing a paper during the workday, but at night, I didn’t find too much escape in this book. The protagonist spends his time trapped in frustration, and thus, it is not as relaxing a series as in the other Hobb books. The other problem with this book was that there wasn’t any other good characters to rally behind. In the Assassins series, there were a few cool characters, the Fool, Fitz, Chade. Here there weren’t really any other lead characters and the reading experience was diminished because of the lack of plot movement since you were stuck with only one actor.  I am glad I finished, but I would not recommend this series unless you really like camping. And even then, you have to really like eating. Still, it was good to finish the series finally and there was some escape into the magical world… just not as much fun to read as I had hoped.