Beginning Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series

Wow, the first book “Furies of Calderon” is a rush to read.  The idea of elemental furies and having powers to control them is an interesting one. I really enjoyed the depiction of this alter world where the characters can survive by their knowledge of furycrafting. The main character, Tavi, is an excellent protagonist. He possesses the values of truth, humility, and courage that all of us aspire to. The interesting part is that Tavi is furyless, yet he manages to do more than those with furies. Butcher’s world seems realistic and fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed thinking about the constraints and strengths of the different furies. The intrigue is good, but the character development is what makes the book shine. I really couldn’t put it down at the end because I wanted to see how different people would wield their furies. The details of how people perform tasks (such as navigating an unfamiliar wood, or drawing a bow) are very well researched and explained with clarity so that one learns a bit about the engineering behind the actions.happyhappyhappyhappyhappy I think I’m onto another great series.