Green Mars was Rad!

This second book in the Kim Stanley Robinson Mars series was very uplifting. There were a few sections that were overly technical and long, so I skimmed them, but in general, I had a terrific experience imagining this post-Revolutionary Mars. The terraforming effort is underway in this sequel, and the fascinating effects of combining underground groups was fascinating. I loved the clash of cultures between the new natives and the old, and the way the revolution is accomplished in this book. This was a book of redemption for a lot of the old guard, and I enjoyed their path to amending past wrongs.  My favorite take away is that there is strength in working together collaborative, and figuring out what values/views people have in common as a way to move forward. Where there is discord, it matters that there is a starting point to compromise and acknowledge a shared interest in moving forward. There was more empathy in this book than in the previous book, and I thought the growth of each character, particularly Saxe Russells and Art, were fascinating.  Definitely will read Blue Mars next, but its a looong book so I’m going to wait until I’m on a holiday.


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